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Car Wax & Polymer Sealants

At Car Manicure Onsite Auto Detail we use several different types of car wax for our auto detail services, including a long lasting Polymer Sealant Wax. We use the different types of car wax in different auto detail packages, and to suite different needs for different cars. The purpose of car wax in to protect the paint, and to a certain extent shine the paint. The best way to add shine and depth to a paint surface that is looking a bit hazy and rough is with a polish or buffing, then follow that with a good coat of wax for your auto detail. A lot of people think that car wax will shine the paint, but really the main purpose of wax in your auto detail is protection, not shine. Really the only car wax we use that shines the paint is the Hand Carnauba Car Wax used in our Gold Auto Detail package, and that is because it has a very mild polish in the wax to help clean and shine the paint, this type of car wax in known as a "glaze", or "cleaner car wax".

Express Car Wax: This is a liquid wax that is recommended for cars that already have a good coat of wax, but just need to be shined up. A good option every 4-6 weeks as part of your auto detail service, especially for dark colored cars. This is the car wax in our Express Auto Detail Package

Hand Car Wax With Carnauba Wax: This is the typical carnauba wax application, we use a high quality glaze wax that both cleans and shines your paint with a protective layer of carnauba wax for your auto detail, this car wax typically lasts 3-5 months. This is the car wax in our Gold Auto Detail Package

Polymer Sealant Car Wax: This is the ultimate in car wax sealants and auto detail services, Polymer Sealant Car Wax is much harder and longer lasting than typical waxes. Polymer Sealant car wax will typically last 8-10 months, and provides a much smoother & glossier surface. This is the car wax in our Platinum Auto Detail Package.

Auto Detailing Customer Car, Ferrari F430

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