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Car Shampoo & Remove Car Stains With Hot Water Extractor

Car shampoo and removing car stains with hot water extraction machines is far superior, and much better for the environment, than using an aerosol can of car shampoo to clean your cars floor mats and remove car stains. A hot water extractor sprays 200+ degree water mixed with a concentrated cleaner onto your floor mats, and uses a high powered vacuum to remove the dirt imbedded deep down in your floor mats that has been loosened with the hot water. The hot water car shampoo will not hurt your carpets since it is below boiling and will not loosen the glue or harm the fibers. This type of car shampoo works significantly better to remove deep down dirt than an aerosol can of car shampoo, and the high powered vacuum removes the embedded dirt that has been loosened by the hot water car shampoo.

At Car Manicure, the car shampoo with Hot Water Extraction that we use is the same type of machine that professional home and commercial carpet cleaners use. The only difference is the machine that home and commercial carpet cleaners use is mounted in their van, and the one we use is portable. We use the Hot Water Extractor on your floor mats, carpets, and upholstery depending on what detailing package you requested.

Car Manicure also has a variety of cleaners to remove your car stains. We use concentrated high powered cleaners to remove the car stains in your vehicle during the car shampoo with the hot water extractor. We use high powered stain removers that require the use of a hot water extractor to remove all left over stain remover residue from your carpet during the car shampoo to remove your car stains. We have specific cleaners for car stains ranging from coffee car stains, juice car stains, grease car stains, and specific solvents for sap, tar, & gum.

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