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Car Buffing, Car Polishing & Paint Restoration

Car buffing & compounding is a more aggressive paint restoration that works to remove the haze and oxidation, heavy swirl marks, and scratches from your paint. car buffing should always be followed with car polishing, which removes light swirl marks and scratches, which are left from buffing without polishing or from other things, like driving through automatic car washes, or even just general daily driving. Car polishing also brightens the paint leaving a smooth and glossy surface.

At Car Manicure we have an arsenal of different car polish and buffing compounds, and different pads to use them with. For car buffing, we use a high speed car buffing machine that can be equipped with several different pads, from mild foam, to aggressive foam, to a heavy cut wool pad for the most severe oxidation & swirl marks. We also use different car buffing compounds, from an aggressive car polish, to medium car buffing compound, to a heavy cut car buffing compound.

For car polishing we can go more aggressive with a high speed car buffing machine equipped with a mild foam pad, or we use a dual action car polish machine with a mild foam pad to remove all swirl marks. We use different car polishing compounds, from a mild car polish with carnauba wax in it (the one that we use by hand in our Platinum Auto Detail Package), to more aggressive car polish, we even have a specific car polish for dark colored car polishing to get out all the swirl marks so common with dark colored cars.

Depending on the condition of your cars paint, we can either add a car polish to your auto detail to brighten the surface of the paint and remove light scratches and swirl marks. If you cars paint needs more work, we can go more aggressive and use a high speed car buffing machine with a more aggressive car buffing compound to remove oxidation & light scratches, then follow that with our dual action car polishing machine and a mild car polish to bright the paint and remove the swirl marks left from the high speed car buffing machine.

It is very important that the correct application of a clay bar treatment be performed to prepare the paint surface before any car buffing or car polishing, and any car buffing with a aggressive compound be must be followed by car polishing with a dual action car polishing machine to leave a beautiful glossy paint surface that is free of any swirl marks. With proper car buffing and car polishing, you can remove all swirl marks and achieve a depth and shine in the paint that often looks better than a brand new car from the factory.

before and after buffing

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