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Why Hand Car Wash?

A hand car wash is much preferred to a drive through car wash because they do not scratch or leave swirl marks like the abrasive and dirty brushes of a drive through car wash. A drive through car wash services many cars each day, and doesn't clean the rotating brushes between cars, so any dirt on the last car is scraped against the paint of your car.

A hand car wash is also sure to get in all of the areas of your car that the automatic car wash misses, like fender wells, bumper corners, cracks around the doors and mirrors, etc. At Car Manicure we also use the "three bucket" hand car wash method. This means one bucket with a specific hand car wash mitt & brush that is only used on the rims & tires, which are cleaned and scrubbed by hand with Enviro-Clean to remove all the brake dust, then we apply a environmentally friendly tire shine to make your tires and rims really stand out. Then a second bucket with a hand car wash mitt that is only used on the lower sections of your car, the fender wells, running boards, bumpers, etc. And finally a third bucket with a hand car wash mitt that is used on the rest of the car, so no dirt from the lower sections can cause scratches or swirl marks in the paint of your car. Truly the ultimate care in hand car wash services!

Our hand car wash also includes a hand dry with a chamois and microfiber towel to thoroughly dry your car after the hand car wash to avoid water spots and streaking in the paint. At Car Manicure we use nothing buy the highest quality microfiber towels on your cars paint, not terry cloth towels that can scratch your paint. The unique fibers of our microfiber towels trap any particles that could scratch your cars paint deep within the towel so it cant scratch your cars paint. We also use only one set of towels on the painted surfaces, they never are used for any other cleaning and treated with extreme care and washed & stored separately for the ultimate hand car wash service.

A hand car wash is especially important with dark cars to avoid scratches and swirl marks. Already have scratches and swirl marks? Have your car Polished or Compounded to remove them and be sure to use Car Manicure to perform a hand car wash in the future!


Car Manicure Employee Performing a Hand Car Wash

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