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Auto Detail Clay Bar Treatment

How does Auto Detail Car Clay Bar Treatment work? If your not familiar with how Auto Detail Clay Bar Treatment works, here is a quick overview: It is an actually bar of synthetic clay, the soft sticky nature of the car clay bar removes industrial fallout, contamination, road grime, brake dust, and other debris that have bonded to the surface of your cars paint, and do not come off with just washing. If after a wash your car still feels rough, or like the surface is grainy, the auto detail car clay bar treatment will remove that rough feel on the surface of your car and leave it silky smooth again after the auto detail.

Combine the Auto Detail Car Clay Bar Treatment with polishing/compounding for the ultimate in auto detail services! Since Auto Detail Car Clay Bar Treatment works by removing any debris that have bonded to the paint above the clear coat, and polishing works to remove scratches, haze, and minor oxidation that occur within the clear coat, the polish & clay bar complement each other very well and proved you with a complete paint restoration and ultimate auto detail. Our Platinum Auto Detail Package combines both the above surface Car Clay Bar Treatment, and below surface Polishing.

Here at Car Manicure we have two types of Car Clay Bar Treatments available, the first is the traditional clay bar that is rubbed on the surface of your cars paint, but as of 2011, we have begun using a brand new auto detail innovation: "Car Clay Bar Microfiber Cloth", also known as "Surface Prep Cloth". This is a top of the line microfiber cloth, that has a thin synthetic "clay bar" adhered to one side of the cloth. This works better to conform to every curve of your car, and is easily rinsed clean after each car clay bar treatment for the best results every time.

We also offer two levels of Auto Detail Car Clay Bar Treatment. the first is what is included in all our full auto detail packages, but the second is for cars that have severe above surface paint damage that a mild single step car clay bar treatment wont remove, like over-spray, or a car that has been sitting for several years. The auto detail car clay bar comes in several levels of how "aggressive" they are on removing contaminants from the paint. The car clay bar we typically use is soft and mild, and will remove normal contaminants from the surface of the paint during the auto detail service. For more severe paint repair we first use an harder and more aggressive car clay bar to remove the majority of the surface contaminants, then follow with a mild car clay bar to leave the surface silky smooth. The more aggressive car clay bar can leave minor scratches and swirl marks in the paint while removing the sever debris, so we highly recommend compounding or polishing after the aggressive auto detail car clay bar treatment.

before and after clay bar

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