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Mobile RV Cleaning Pricing
RV Detailing & RV Wash Services

Hand RV Wash

We Hand Wash your RV or trailer, clean the rims & tires, and clean the windows to provide you with a great RV cleaning service. Add pressure washing the roof to your RV wash for $1-2 per foot for the ultimate RV cleaning.
$2-3 per foot

Express RV Detailing

We begin with the Hand RV Wash, and add Express Wax application to shine the gel coat, and provide protection from the elements. A great mini RV detailing service.
$4-5 per foot

RV Detailing Wash & Wax

We begin with the Hand RV Wash, and add Hand Waxing for your mobile RV detailing, adding protection against oxidation of your RV's gel coat, and makes your RV cleaning task easier next time with a good coat of wax.
$8-9 per foot

Gold RV Detailing Service

We begin with the RV Wash & Wax, and add pressure washing the roof of your RV or trailer for the Gold RV Detailing Service. A good option to get the stuck on road grime and debris off the roof of your RV, a great full service RV cleaning.
$10-12 per foot

Platinum RV Detailing Service

We begin with the Gold RV Detailing Service and add polishing the gel coat to shine and brighten the surface, while removing minor oxidation. We also upgrade your mobile RV detailing to a longer lasting Polymer Sealant Wax. The Ultimate in mobile RV cleaning!
$14-16 per foot

RV Detailing add-on: Buffing & Compounding the Gel Coat

Add Buffing & Compounding to your mobile RV detailing service for the ultimate in RV cleaning and gel coat restoration. Buffing & compounding the gel coat will remove most regular oxidation and other normal gel coat wear and tear. You can add buffing to any of our mobile RV cleaning packages, but it is recommend to be added to the Platinum RV Detailing Service so the polish removes any swirl marks left from compounding and buffing your RV's gel coat.
$4-6 per foot

Interior RV Cleaning

For our interior RV Cleaning service, we vacuum and dust the interior of your RV, including the driver area as well as the living space. A good basic RV cleaning service to meet your RV cleaning needs.
$2-4 per foot

Full Interior RV Detailing

A Full Service interior RV cleaning and detailing package. We vacuum and dust the whole interior, as well as cleaning and scrubbing the surfaces of your RV, and spot treating carpet and upholstery with our Hot Water Extractor. Full RV detailing prices vary depending on condition.
$8-14 per foot

RV and Trailer Detailing

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