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Executive Detail
The Ultimate in Auto Detailing

Executive Detail by Car Manicure is our most in depth and extensive detail. If you are a discerning car enthusiast and want the best possible detail for you car, then this is the detail for you.

Interior: We thoroughly vacuum and dust the interior to remove all sand, dirt, dust and any pet hair. We use compressed air, special vacuum tools, and soft brushes and q-tips to clean all the vents, cracks/crevices, and other hard to reach areas. All of the leather and vinyl surfaces are cleaned and conditioned. We use a special commercial high suction hot water extractor to shampoo all the floor mats, carpets, and cloth seats, and have a variety of different cleaners specifically designed for different types of stains including coffee, grease, heavy dirt, sap, tar, and gum/candy.

Exterior: Your car is hand washed and dried including the wheel wells and undercarriage, rims and tires, exhaust tips, door jams and hinges, and special grill/bumper detail and bug removal. We clay bar the surface of your car to remove all the dirt/dust that has bonded to your paint, as well as industrial fall out and other contaminants. We then use a multi-step show car polishing and wax application to remove any swirl marks, haze/fading, and brighten and shine the paint to is best possible condition, and protect it.

This detail is done at your home or office, and typically takes about half a day to complete. Please contact us for a quote.

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